Japanese Techniques: Transformational Reconstruction

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Course Start Date: 01-01-0001- Course End Date: 01-01-0001
Instructor: Nicole Marét
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Is your design creativity dictated by darts? Do most of your garments revolve around the same style lines, with waist and shoulder darts shaping every piece you design?

Darts can be little dictators, threatening to limit the way you can creatively manipulate a pattern they can be rotated, combined and divided, but they never disappear. In this web seminar recording, Nicole will show you a new way to create stunningly unique style lines through a process called Transformational Reconstruction, developed by Japanese designer and instructor Shingo Sato. This technique allows new style lines to be created in 3D on a dress form, by beginning with a basic garment that has already been sewn using typical sloper darts.

In this web seminar recording, fashion architect Nicole Marét will guide you through the basics of this innovative technique, from creating the new style lines to crafting the pattern to sewing the finished garment. You will learn how to transform a basic bodice with straight waist, bust and shoulder darts into a geometric work of art. This is an incredible skill to add to your sewing repertoire, and will instantly boost your design credibility!

What You’ll Learn:
•    Create unique style lines in 3d on a basic bodice muslin.
•    Deconstruct these style lines into new pattern pieces.
•    Reconstruct resulting pattern pieces into a new, completely different bodice.

About the Instructor:
Nicole Marét is a graduate of the Fashion Design program at the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, where she finally learned how to sew after gluing together Halloween costumes throughout her undergraduate career as an Art major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has received multiple awards for her highly conceptual and impeccably constructed ‘wearable art,‘ and currently operates as a freelance graphic designer, costume designer and wardrobe consultant for the film industry. She will be launching her first collection in the fall of 2013.

Course Outline

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