Sewing Winter Fabrics: Techniques for Sewing the Season's Special Fabrics Web Seminar Recording

Course Id: 9000-18R
Course Start Date: 01-01-0001- Course End Date: 01-01-0001
Instructor: Linda Reynolds
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As the fall and winter season approaches our attentions shift to sewing with fabrics that are heavier, more luxurious and exotic. Materials like fleece, velvet, boiled wool, fur and leather fall into favor and become fun and exciting options. But, unlike more traditional fabrics, these require special handling and a set of techniques that can be quite different from conventional sewing methods.
If sewing with any of these special fabrics is on your list this season, this is your opportunity to learn what it takes to make the process easier and achieve optimal results. Whether you are sewing with these fabrics for the first time or simply wish to expand your sewing repertoire, this web seminar recording will clue you into how to plan, cut, fit and sew these far from ordinary fabrics.
What You'll Learn:
  • Techniques for sewing with fleece, velvet, boiled wool, fur, leather/suede
  • The best tools, methods, and shortcuts are best for achieving fabulous results
  • Which presser feet, needles, and machine settings to use
  • The best stitching and seam finish options
  • How to minimize bulk - a key issue with these fabrics
  • How to use a needle board for pressing velvet
  • What unique characteristics set these fabrics apart
Skill Level
This web seminar recording is for the intermediate as well as experienced sewer who plan to sew any one of the season’s more exotic or less conventional fabrics for the first time. A solid base of fundamental sewing skills and a strong familiarity for using commercial patterns is helpful.  While none of the techniques are especially difficult, in many cases they are different from what may be considered normal or conventional sewing methods.
About the Instructor
Linda Reynolds learned to sew as a young girl and has been sewing ever since.  Trained as a professional seamstress, she loves sharing her passion for the craft as a sewing instructor teaching garment sewing to teens and adults. Her blog, Simply Sewing Studio ( offers helpful tips and easy solutions to everyday sewing dilemmas. 

Course Outline

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