Pattern Making: How To Modify Pattern Styles

Course Id: 9000-9R
Course Start Date: 01-01-0001- Course End Date: 01-01-0001
Instructor: Meg Healy
Available Seats: 446      
Tuition: $19.99
Do you ever come across a pattern, but you wish it had pockets? Or pleats instead of a dart? Maybe you want to add more fullness, or remove a style line. This web seminar recording will take you through pattern making processes of altering a pattern’s style without compromising fit. Use a basic bodice pattern, and see how you can add style lines, move darts, and add fullness.  Let your creativity run wild and learn how to adapt sewing patterns to a garment that you designed!

In this web seminar recording you’ll learn all the basics of pattern making, so you will feel comfortable altering any pattern to a style that really says “you”.  

What You’ll Learn:
  • Adding or removing style lines
  • Move, combine, and eliminate darts
  • Draft facings
  • Draft pockets including patch, welt, and side seam
  • Adding fullness to a pattern including gathers, pleats, and godets
  • Alter the neckline
  • Draft basic collars

Course Outline

This is a recording of a previously presented, powerpoint-style live-streamed web seminar.

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